I was really banking on the MNF crew being the team to drive me crazy in the game but apparently it will be the NFL-Network team of Tom Hammond and Cris Collinsworth. It’s an odd choice but here are the details….

Madden NFL 09 will also feature a network-inspired broadcast presentation. Players will benefit from the authentic football knowledge of an in-booth play-by-play and color commentary team featuring Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond. In addition, numerous graphical enhancements have been made, including realistic weather and grass, sleeker player models and exterior stadium views.

Well I guess that confirms who the new team for NFL-N announcing team is then doesn’t it? It would be pretty awkward if they went a different direction. The game looks to have a bunch of new features, but it’s just odd to me that the 20th edition of the game won’t even have Madden as an announcer. Seems like a bad decision but we’ll see.

Favre chosen for Madden 09 cover (ESPN Video Games)