ABC/ESPN isn’t wasting any time setting the stage for next year’s Football season are they? First it was Suzy Kolber and Michele Tafoya being dropped from Monday Night Football and now it’s the College team of Dan Fouts and Tim Brant that are being let go.

Both of their contracts have ended and according to USA Today, ESPN’s Mike Soltys said they won’t be renewed. The West Coast team spent most of the past two seasons in the Pac 10 and I really thought they had made many improvements in that time. Fouts had always been an analyst acting as a Play by Play man, but the pair seemed to have worked that out over the past season.

I guess that doesn’t really matter when your contract is up though. Tim Brant still has work in the DC market to do, but Fouts looks to be in Joe Theismann-like limbo for next season. Maybe the two could form a team for FSN or something (please god no)?

(Via USA Today)