Did I ever tell you that Bill Belichick graduated from the same High School that I did? I did??? Well whatever then. Onto the boring second half….

Game over. (Via SS)

“The Patriots had 6 points in the first, 13 points in the second, giving them 20 points for the half” – Math Major Mike Tirico (Via JFein)

Berman just announced the highlight of Janikowski’s game winning FG as: “Janikowski with a High Ball”. Pretty cold considering See-Bass’s drinking problems. (Via Mal)

10:18- Pats get the ball to start and Tony goes into his “article” of the game so far. Let’s go with a lot of runs this quarter guys, okay?

Pats pick up a quick first down and are starting where they left off last half. 3rd and short….another first. Pats ball at midefield and a screen gets a few. Another third down…..sack.

“Another combo platter for Jamie Winborn and Elvis Dummervil.”- Mike Tirico

BenJarvis Green Ellis? Did they make a hybrid version of Ben Watson, Jarvis Green, and Ellis Hobbs? (Via SS)

Royal escapes a few on the punt return but is eventually brought down at the 12. Cutler is back in and is welcomed back to the game with a sack. Welker with a nice return and it’ll be the Pats’ ball at the Broncos’ 27. 1st down run loses two, 2nd run picks them back up and it’ll be third and long….

Randy Moss on a screen…..TOUCHDOWN! This one is a blowout….


Is the game still on? (Via NHZ)


“The Gillette Jump!” – Mike Tirico (Via SS)


10:36- The Pats are now dancing on the sidelines as the Broncos take over. Marshall with a couple of nice runs after the catch and the Broncos have it in NE territory….

Wait….Cutler is picked by Sanders. Pats ball.

Cassel to Moss for a first and there’s a Bronco down. Pats ball at their own 30 and Cassel hits a wide open Welker and he traverses the sideline for a big gain.

Was that a guy dressed up as a Vikings fan? Man, those Bostonians must have really got drunk last night upon the Sawx losing….How else would you explain it? (Via JFein)

Hey, Shanahan! Put in Bubby Brister. (Via Mal)


Broncos pick a ball off at the goal line, but the Pats are challenging, and it looks to be incomplete. Yep…overturned.

“You don’t know where that flag from Belichick has been. If I’m the ref, I let him pick it back up”- Tony Kornheiser

Cassel to Welker….TOUCHODOWN….34-0 Pats. And here comes the patented running up of the score by Belichick.

Broncos are putting together another drive, but it’s more than likely going to end in a turnover. Cutler down inside the redzone, but it’ll be a third down….and that’s finally the end of the third.

Hey, look at that….the Broncos actually scored. It’s 34-7 now and I smell a comeback!

HA!! We have a diagnosis from Dr. Kornheiser. He’s going to be out from awhile. I think from now on when I quote Tony I’m going to refer to him as Dr. Kornheiser… (Via JFein)

AA – do we get some sort of bonus endurance award for making it all the way through this turd of a game?(like the ribbon you get just for finishing all the laps in the race during Field Day in Elementary School). (Via Mal)

I wish I could print out some sort of certificate for you, but I’d have to print one out for myself too because this is dreadful.

“I mean, it’s a longshot.”- Jaws on a Broncos comeback

Thanks for that one, Ron. I’m not even sure who’s ball it is at this point but there’s still 12+ minutes to go. Oh it’s the Pats’ ball and they’re still passing. I hope Matt Cassel’s head gets taken off. Oooh….it almost did just then. Faulk finally runs and Kevin Faulk has a first down at the Broncos 40.

Everyone knows the reason Brady got injured is the old Tecmo Super Bowl Syndrome… you run up the score enough, the computer gets mad and your best player gets hurt. Just ask QB Eagles. (Via Anon)

“It was too smart for me, I couldn’t follow it” – Dr. Kornheiser on the Intentional Safety play of a few years ago (Via JFein)

Patriots punt and we’re under nine minutes! Jaws says that Cutler shouldn’t be taking shots and potentially wasting his season, and I’m inclined to agree with him. Welker dances around and he gives the Pats the ball at the 50….6 minutes to go.

“You’ve got to have the onions…”- Mike Tirico channeling his inner-Raftery (Via Mal)

Green-Ellis with back to back runs and the Pats are finally running the clock out. Thank God! The Pats then throw on the next play of course. I can’t portray just how much I hate this team. Faulk picks up another first down….

And then follows it up with a TD! Or not….they mark him short, but the next play should be six….

Green-Ellis….TOUCHDOWN! 41-7 Pats and I’m just hoping for a fight after the game at this point.

Mike Tirico says that Hockey is an 88-game season and that comment just about sums up the night. 2-minute warning. Bill Belichick looks very proud of himself and that’ll be it for me tonight. Thanks for keeping me company and I’ll see you with that Emmitt video in a few.

Final: Patriots 41 – Broncos 7

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