Who: Broncos at Raiders
Where: McAfee Coliseum
Spread: Broncos -3 O/U 41
Announcers: Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic and Mike Ditka

10:22- Well they didn’t waste anytime with the kickoff there did they? Give me a couple of seconds to catch up here. Broncos ball to start.

Why do I always feel like Mike Greenberg is trying to sell me something? Anyway, Eddie Royal with some touches early on and the Broncos seem in the swings early on with a coupl of first downs.

“Mike Shanahan’s gone into the playbook again.” – Mike Ditka (Via SS)

Groundbreaking! It also really bothers me that Greenberg always refers to Ditka after just about every play. You do have another guy in the booth and it’s really not necessary to do it all the time.

MJD – Welcome to the Broncos/Raiders segment of the liveblog … doing the play-by-play on ESPN is Mike Greenberg, who is like a more feminine Pam Ward. (From MJD’s liveblog on Yahoo via Anon)

I don’t care who you are….that’s funny. Timeout on the field with the Broncos in Raider territory.

“He’s a fine pass-receiver out of the backfield” – Greenberg
“Cutler goes short….” – Greenberg….on a 14 yard completion on first down.
(Via Anon)

Prepare yourself for a lot of that folks. Cutler incomplete on second down it will be third and six….

TOUCHDOWN! Cutler with the pass to Royal who gets his feet down and that’s 7-0 Broncos.

I can’t decide if Ditka’s brain moves too fast for his mouth, or his mouth moves too fast for his brain. (Via Jay)
Mike Ditka is an abomination as an announcer. (Via PM)

I’m with you Jay. He knows what he’s talking about but he can never get it out in time without it sounding like he’s having a heart attack. Higgins pulls out a hell of a return and gets all the way to the Broncos’ 35 yard line. Here’s McFadden with a run and he runs over Nate Webster. Blam! Eight yards on the run.

Fargas with a couple of runs and he picks up the first down. Fargas gets another five or so on first down and the Raiders look surprisingly good.

“He’s got a hole…here he comes!”- Mike Greenberg (Via Lammy)

Hilarious. Fargas again and he gets maybe a yard….third and short….Fargas flips and

“Is this our first disagreement coach?”- Mike Golic
“If there’s an argument, I’m on Ditka’s side.”- Mike Greenberg
“I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong.”- Mike Ditka

Fourth and short and the Raiders are going for it. First down! McFadden is nailed by a pair of Bronco LBs.

“Great cutback, but he cutback into all problems.”- Mike Ditka

Huh? Anyway…3rd and Goal…

FUMBLE! Broncos Ball!!!

Mike Ditka chides the Raiders for abandoning the run and calls them crazy as they try to go to commercial. I’m pretty sure Ditka doesn’t even know how being on TV works, hell…he probably doesn’t know how an actual TV works.

If the Raiders D starts playing badly they should start throwing cookies and candybars at Jay Cutler. (Via Lammy)

Very wrong…but very funny.

Golic’s commentary is priceless. I couldn’t tell whether he was having an orgasm or a seizure when the Broncos recovered the ball just now. “Ohhhh…ohhhhhh…they got the ball…they got it…ohhhhhhh.” (Via Kleinias)

Are they watching the same game that we are watching? Greenie/Golic, stick to your srupid talk show that nobody watches. (Via Anon)

This sounds too much like two dudes and a chick talking at a bar. “Ooh he got drilled!” “He got it” “Here he comes” (Via Anon)

10:47- Broncos on the move again. Aren’t the Raiders supposed to have a great defense? Pittman gets another

“And Michael Pittman is wrapped up and the Raiders defense comes up with a big stop.”- Mike Greenberg
“That’s a huge stop!”- Mike Golic

As the ball is clearly spotted across the line and a measurement is going on. And….first down of course.

“And bear in mind that the yellow line isn’t actually on the field. The referees don’t see that.”- Mike Greenberg

Thanks asshat and wow….the Broncos are going for it. Or just trying to get them to jump offsides. It’s the latter. Broncos to punt now. Higgins again with a nice run but there’s a flag for a block in the back. Bring it back.

Another whisky sour for Mr. Ditka, stat. (Via Anon)

10:57- ESPN comes back for one play and the first quarter ends. Right back to commercial…

7-0 Broncos after one.

McFadden with a nice play and he picks up a quick first down. McFadden now moves to QB and hands it off to Fargas who comes up a yard short from the first down. Arkansas Stylee! Very similar to Omaha Stylee but without the crappy music. Sorry it’s late. 3rd and short….

Russell on the play fake! Wide open is Curry and he….oh….he drops it. He should of had that one and Lane Kiffin is pissed. It makes perfect sense when you’re running over a team that you throw it on third and short.

“OOHHH….MAN!”- Mike Ditka after the drop (Via Jay)

Since Russell isn’t allowed to throw, shouldn’t the Raiders just go to the 2-Back/No QB formation 100%. (Via Anon)

Probably not a bad idea actually.

11:07- Now we’ve come to the part of the contest when neither team scores the rest of the game…..I say as Cutler throws it to Tony Scheffler for about 80 yards and down to the Raiders 4 yard line. Oh well…so much for that theory.

Here comes the part of the contest where the Broncos blow out the Raiders. Stu Scott, Emmitt and Steve Young are on ESPN2 right now if you’re bored already. 1st and Goal….incomplete to Scheffler. Second and goal….Pittman goes nowhere. Third and long….incomplete.

Prater gets the FG and it’s 10-0 Broncos

“When he rolls out, he goes to that side of the ride.”- Mike Golic (Via BLS)

11:17- Russell is sacked after having what seemed like a full minute to throw the ball and still couldn’t find anyone. 3rd and 12….and a false start penalty. Just give McFadden the ball the rest of the game. Another punt for the Raiders. Eddie Royal with a dangerous return but it works out. Broncos ball at their 32.

LOL they’re already promoting next week’s game. (Via Jay)
Do we have to talk about Cowboys Eagles in the 2ND QUARTER!!!??? (Via Anon)

I think they did that last year too. Like they have nothing else to talk about. Deangelo Hall with a late hit out of bounds….

“Stupid is, as stupid does.”- Mike Ditka

Hahaha. What is going on with these three? Are they really this crazy or is this a dream??? Royal with yet another catch.

“Watch this route. Back out, NOW BACK OUT!”- Mike Ditka

I guess it isn’t a dream. Hall with another late hit and it’s first and goal. Pittman goes for about a yard and then….

He just walks into the endzone. Touchdown Broncos! 17-0. Here comes the blowout….4:21 left.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this important public announcement: “I’ve never seen more fans wearing NFL paraphenalia. These are the best fans” We now return from this detour down Ditka Drive (Via Mark)

11:32- Russell with another overthrow but he follows it up with a first down over the middle to Schilens (who?!). Fargas gets into space and he picks up another quick first as well. Raiders ball at midfield….3 minutes to go.

Hahaha. They now try an end around and Higgins fumbles it. He runs around for a minute and then just walks out of bounds. This play calling is horrendous.

Standard response to a big play by Greeny or Golic: “Oh!” It’s as if they forgot they were at a football game. (Via Jay)

Good call with that one. Or it could be surprise for every pass that Jamarcus Russell completes. Two minute warning….someone shoot me. Russell sacked on third and long….another Raiders punt. 1:44 to go.

Cutler to Royal again and he’s up to 7 receptions and 99 yards. Good first game.

“You remember what happened when Eddie Pipp got hurt. A guy named Lou Gehrig took over.”- Mike Ditka

Hahahahaha. Comment of the night. Cutler tries to get cute on a third down run and gets upended by Asomugha. Broncos punt and that’ll probably do it for the half.

“Oh they were all moving.”- Mike Greenberg
“Oh just end the half!”- Mike Golic

Amen…..thank god that’s over. 17-0 Broncos. See you in a new thread shortly.

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