Well that was just about the quickest set of questions I’ve ever seen in my life. Both candidates did a good enough job, and with both sets of questions exactly the same, there was really no room for any mistakes. The Berman impression from McCain was pretty funny though and Obama’s pro-College Football Playoff platform was well received. Video later but we’re moving back to the game for now….

10:24- 10-6 Steelers at the half and we’re seemingly just getting started in this defensive battle/boring as hell game. And wow…..Michele Tafoya is reporting that Byron Leftwich is coming into the game!!! Huuuuuge. Steelers ball to start….

Moore out to the 28-yard line and here comes Leftwich! Amazing turn of events there. I’d be waiting for a steady dose of Parker….and on cue he picks up five going up the middle. Willie up the middle again and it’ll be 3rd and a yard….

Davenport this time….first down on the second effort. Heath Miller now out too. That first half was a battle. Leftwich back to pass……avoids the sack…..DEEP TO WASHINGTON! Got it…..wide open for 50 yards. Amazing throw there. 1st down at the Skins 11….1st down run by Parker gets three, 2nd down is thrown out of bounds, 3rd and long….First down at the one to Mewelde Moore. That’s a dagger and a half right there….

Parker up the middle….Touchdown….

Extra point is missed though….16-6 Steelers

That was just a dominating drive and a great way to start a second half. Skins go three and out on their first drive of the second half and it appears that 10 points is all the Steelers D will need. Skins punt to Holmes and he’s taken down at the 50.

I’d rather watch the Saved By Zero ads than those rollover minutes ads where the minutes look like pogs. I mean, I’m still completely baffled by the minutes being pogs and and why you’d even conceptualized rollover minutes as being physical entities… fuck those rollover minutes ads! (Via Anon)

Amen. I hate the one where the guy spills the milk on them. First down run by Parker gets nothing, and then an end around to Washington loses six as Washington wasn’t fooled. 3rd and 17….Moore loses even more yards and that’s a three and out for Pittsburgh. Skins ball at their 28 after the punt.

“It’s all about penetration.”- Ron Jaworski

Ohhhh yeahhhh!

This is the Giants game all over again. (Via SS)

If this was the Giants game all over again, there would be a comeback coming. Tragically for AA, the Redskins are overrated and have no chance of coming back. I bet you guys can’t wait for next week’s Sunday Night Live-blog where I can display my Eagles’ homerism and you can laugh at me as the Eagles lose to the Giants. (Via JFein)

10:46- They just can’t move the ball against good rush defenses. Plain and simple. I wouldn’t say they’re overrated, but they’re certainly a one-trick pony. Right on cue, Campbell goes to Portis for four. Portis up the middle for five and it’ll be a third and one….

Play action to Cooley and he gets it all the way out to the 50. That was a ballsy yet impressive call. Portis up the middle for three and into Steelers territory. Screen to Portis for sixteen and I’ve said it time and time again….best play in Football. Especially with a blitzing team like Pittsburgh.

PICK! Fumble……PENALTY FLAG!!!!! Holding….Steelers ball. Pardon me while I lose my s**t.

“Best looking drive the Redskins have in a while.” – Mike Tirico….then the interception. (Via SS)

Jaws seems to think the Redskins should challenge the play but there’s no chance Townsend didn’t pick that one. Skins challenge anyway. The ball is moving, but he seems to have control there at the very end. He doesn’t make a step though, which could be something. Don’t think it’s getting overturned personally.

Can I safely assume that The Steelers and Obama are going to win tonight and just go to bed now, or do I have to suffer abit more yet? (Via Rob in WI)

Yes….you are free to go. The call is upheld and Leftwich is sacked on first down. Parker gets a few back and it’ll be 3rd and 15….First down as the Redskins decide to blitz yet again.

“Big long, elongated delivery.”- Ron Jaworski

Parker for eight and a Landry tackle saved an even longer gain. Parker is dropped by Horton though on second down and that’s a loss of two. 3rd and 4….Moore is wide open and that one goes into Skins territory. End of the third.

Great play by Leftwich (AGAIN!) as he escapes the blitz and dumps to Moore for 25 yards. That’s all the way down to the 22. Moore up the middle on first for two is followed by an incomplete pass at the goal line to Holmes. 3rd and 8….

First down to Hines Ward. Nice catch and a TD here will end it for the Skins….

“Steelers up ten. Looking to add Moore….Mewelde Moore.”- Mike Tirico

Ugh. 2nd and Goal from the five….

Leftwich to Holmes and that’s another TD. Why Carlos Rodgers was giving him 8 yards when the ball was on the five is beyond me….

23-6 Steelers.

After a nice run from Portis, and a lucky roughing the passer call on a fourth down, the Skins are faced with a third and twelve from the Steelers’ 23…..Cooley gets the first down over the middle and we’re under nine minutes left in the game.

Campbell up the middle….Touchdown. It’s going to be challenged because that one isn’t even close. Campbell is a good yard away from the goal line and Washington will probably kick the Field Goal they need now.

Did Stewart Scott just say Barrack Abama? (Via Anon)

I think I missed that one, but anything is possible with Stu. Of course the Redskins go for it now. I know it’s a half a yard, but it just doesn’t make sense to me with just one timeout….

Of course they play action and don’t get it. Just dumb. Well wait….if they get a safety then it was a great decision. Ooooh almost on first down. Moore barely gets out.

Steelers opening up the ginormous can of whoopass. If I’m Hooded Sweatshirt Head Coach Who Shall Not Be named next week, I’m officially worried. (Via James Craven)

Not with Ben Roethlisberger’s should ailing, but Leftwich isn’t that bad of a backup. Berger’s punt goes to the 30 and if this were Madden, I would just kick the FG right now. The Skins however decide to go for it on another 4th down and Campbell gets dropped. Just terrible play calling, but then again….what’s new right? On two goal line plays when you were down 17 with upwards of 7 minutes left….you lost a timeout for basically no reason, and two attempts to make it a two score game. Ugh.

Steelers will jump up a few spots in the power rankings and the Redskins will obviously drop a good bit. With a bye week, and then the hungry Cowboys coming in, things aren’t looking so cut and dry anymore. Great win by the Steelers though and that Week Seventeen game against the Titans is going to be an all out war.

Final: Steelers 23 – Redskins 6

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