Steely McBeam is ready for the game and I know you are too! As in any live-blog of one of my teams, I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible, but I apologize ahead of time if I randomly lose my s**t from time to time. The game starts promptly at 8:30pm, so I’ll see you then.

Ooooh! Brady Quinn is finally getting a start for the Browns. Apparently former Brown, Tim Hasselbeck is not a fan of the move. It’s also highly suspect when the team is just 3-5 and their next two games are on Thursday Night and Monday Night Football.

Wait… so if the Steelers win, then Obama wins, and if McCain wins than the Redskins win… I wish someone, somwhere would have explained this to me for the 9000000th time (Via Rob in WI)

Okay here it is. If the Redskins win….McCain wins. If the Steelers win….Obama is in the White House. It’s based on which party won the last “popular vote”, hence the issue with 2004 (Gore won the pop vote in 2000 and the Skins lost to the Packers).

I agree with everyone that Dr. Kornheiser is going to be extremely annoying tonight. Over/under on Sarah Palin references: 5 (Via JFein)

Man, I didn’t even consider the Politics angle for Tony to use tonight….son of a….

“I played for a short period of time, after he had been through all of those hits, with a quarterback who was more talented than Ben, in Jeff George.”- Cris Carter

He is out of his g’damn mind!


Steve: Skins
Emmitt: Steelers
Stuart: Skins
Coach: Skins
Key: Skins
Cris: Steelers
TJ: Steelers
Boomer: Steelers

8:34- Here we go folks. Yet another Monday is upon us and we’re about to get underway. And I’m loving the all-maroon look for the Skins tonight!

AA, Jason Whitlock would agree with Chris Carter. (Via 49er16)

True true. Tony goes into the terrible Redskins free agency woes, and while I’m sick of hearing about them, he couldn’t be more spot on. Although I wouldn’t have included Jeremiah Trotter in there.

“They’re spending less and winning more. I dunno….maybe America could do that too?”- Tony Kornheiser

Here we go. Skins ball to start…..AND AN ONSIDE KICK!!!!!!! Redskins recover….wow that was a bold move there. Penalty to boot and Washington will have the on the Steelers 36. Draw to Clinton doesn’t get anything on first, Campbell to Cooley picks up a six, and it’ll be 3rd and 2….

Portis to the right….about a yard. 4th and 1 and the Skins are going for it. Wait, no…Suisham heads out for a long FG…..

GOOD! That was a quick score and the right decision….

3-0 Skins

If only Suisham could hit them in a wild card game in Qwest Field. (Via SS)

So true.

8:46- Moore returns it out to the 30, and here comes Big Ben. Pitch to Parker and he gets about a half a yard on first down. Roethlisberger overthrows Holmes on a second down blitz, and it’s third and ten….

Tipped….picked by Cornelius Griffin! Starks tried to duck but it hit him in the head and Grif grabbed it at the 30….Campbell deep to Moss…..No! Should have been picked too. Campbell to Thrash and that nets about four….3rd and medium….Campbell behind Randle El and that’ll be another FG attempt…

Good….6-0 Skins.

“What did I do?”- Mike Tirico
“You pre-saged it.”- Tony Kornheiser
“Sage Rosenfels?”- Mike Tirico

Now that made me laugh.

With the all red, I wonder if Chris Samuels is having a flashback to his days at Alabama (Via JG)

I hope so….he could actually block people back then.

8:54- Moore gets cut down at his own 23….Pittsburgh ball from there with 11 minutes left in the first quarter.

Need TD’s..not FG’s (Via Anon)

Story of a Redskins Fan’s life. 1st down Parker run gets eight and Ben hits Washington over the middle for the Steelers’ first, first down. Actually that’s the first for either team. Ball at the 40….Parker up the middle for a few is followed by a Rodgers knocking down a pass on a Holmes’ slant. 3rd and 6….I’m guessing blitz….

It is….sack. Actually only one man blitzed there. 4th down and the Steelers will punt. Fair catch at the 25 yard line. Campbell to Moss for 9 yards and close to a first down and….Clinton breaks one! 22 yards into Steeler territory. Great run off tackle to the right there.

Whoa… girl behind Drunk Kicker was pretty hot… more of her please? In the Campbell/Doug Williams jersey (Via Rob in WI)


Clinton again and he gets two on first down. Campbell is sacked on second down and it’ll be 3rd and 8. Timeout Skins. Incomplete pass after the stall and the Skins’ punt goes into the endzone. Neither team can move the ball at all early on.

Westwood one radio keeps calling Santana Moss Santino Homles (Via FHGF)

A lot of people seem to have that problem.

Saved by Zero….DRINK! (Via Anon)

Yes….that’s our new drinking game. Good lord that commercial is on every break. Also that Fallout 3 ad is ultra-creepy. First and ten for the Steelers….and Mike Tirico catches a shot of ESPN’s George Bodenheimer hanging in Snyder’s booth. Greaaaaaat. Roeth to Holmes….incomplete. Parker for nothing. Third and ten….Big Ben misses Holmes again and Rodgers should have had a pick there (***Skins homerism alert***- Catch something RODGERS!)

A 28-yard punt by the injured Berger is fair caught by Randle El in Steelers territory. You would think the Steelers might have brought someone in during the week. Alexander for a couple and it’s third and short….

“That would be okay if you were a horse with four legs. But since you only have two, that’s is a hundred percent of your hamstrings in trouble.”- Tony Kornheiser

Timeout Skins as the Steelers show a third down blitz again. Just assume they’re blitzing every time. Campbell to Moss and he is wearing Ike Taylor on his back….no call though. Skins to punt….Moore with the fair catch at the nine.

9:18- Parker gets a nice block from Davis and that’s a quick 15 yards. Nice run. Parker again and he gets three on the draw.

Was that a flask sitting in front of Goodell? Perhaps a gift from Adam Jones. You know, something to take to the skrip klubs. (Via Mal)

Ha. Looks like it. Roethlisberger to Spaeth for about a yard….wait….dropped. 3rd and 7….Big Ben to Washington annnnnnd….he can’t hang on! They are not giving their QB any help out there. Steelers punt….fair catch at the 35.

Campbell to Randle El for about five on first down. Portis on second down loses a yard and it’ll be 3rd and 6. Portis limps off the field and that’s the end of the first quarter…..

6-0 Skins.

Tony, they throw vodka bottles not pads in Philly. (Via 49er16)

9:25- Steelers blitz on third down and Harrison gets to Campbell in a heartbeat. Skins punt an Santonio Holmes fights his way out to the 30. Portis looks fine….first and ten Steelers. Parker up the middle for a couple is followed by another Willie run to make it 3rd and 2….

Incomplete on the screen to Moore. Amazing play by London Fletcher sniffing that out right away. Fair catch is almost dropped by Randle El….Skins ball at their own 28.

Tirico needed to say, “Smoot returns to Washington after a couple years and one druken-hooker party on a boat in Minnesota.” (Via 49er16)

“That one dropped out of the sky like a skydiver. Without the parachute.”- Mike Tirico

That was morbid.

9:30- Campbell hits Moss on the sideline on first down, but the receiver was out of bounds. Nice catch though. 2nd and 10 and Portis gets just a yard. Third and long….Campbell scrambles….sacked! Don’t know what he was thinking there, and the Skins to punt.

Holmes on the return. He picks up a few but there’s a block in the back that will start the Steelers from their own 21. That was one heck of a punt right there. Play action…..Roethlisberger to Ward!!!!!!!! Caught it! No!!! Dropped, but there’s a flag on the play….pass interference. Rodgers never even looked for the ball and that was just chucked up in the air. 43 yard penalty which was more than Pittsburgh’s total offense up until that point.

Ben Roeth is pressured on first and that’ll fall incomplete. 2nd and 10 at the Skins’ 36…..Roethlisberger deep again!!!!!!!! Holmes misses it. Rodgers on the coverage again. 3rd and 10….timeout Steelers.

“Some people like coverage, some people like shoes.”- Tony Kornheiser

How many Steeler fans are actually in the crowd? about home court advantage lost (Via Anon)

It’s so bad for any NFC East game, when the Steelers come to town, or more randomly….the Denver Broncos. Redskins throw the kitchen sink at Roethlisberger but to no avail. Ward gets the first at the 24. Parker for a yard on first down, Spaeth gets upended by Washington after a few on second, and it’s 3rd and 2. Evans with the sack of Roethlisberger and that’ll give Reed a short FG attempt….

It’s good! We’ve got a barn burner here folks…..

6-3 Skins with 8 minutes left in the half.

Does anyone else expect the halftime interviews to be lame? (Via Anon)

Yes….they’re going to be pretty terrible.

9:45- Steelers kick off and Rock Cartwright gets his first chance at a return. He takes it out to the 24. 1st and 10….Campbell hits Cooley for six and while a nice throw….the QB looks skittish back there. Portis picks up the rest and a bit more and that’s a much needed first down for the Skins.

Campbell to Yoder but the TE drops it….2nd and 10. Portis for nothing, and there’s a flag on the play. Holding….accepted. 2nd and 20 from the Skins’ own 25. Campbell out quick to Randle El……ALMOST PICKED! Should have been too by Towensend. 3rd and 20….

Underneath to Portis for about five and here come the Steelers! Holmes back to receive…..he falls at his own 35 and Pittsburgh will get it from there with 5:38 left in the half.

Roethlisberger to……CARLOS RODGERS DROPS A PICK SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good lord that kid can’t fucking catch.

“Gotta be the shoes.”- Tony Kornheiser

Go to hell, Tony….go to hell. Parker with a nice move and he gets it to 3rd and 4. Hines Ward gets blasted across the middle and the Steelers will punt. Fair catch at the 27 by ARE.

9:55- Campbell to Moss for four is followed by a Portis run for no gain. 3rd and 6….Campbell to Cooley and after a terrible spot by the ref, the Skins will punt….again. I would have challenged that one….

BLOCKED! About 20 Steelers attack Plackemeier and he had no shot. Steelers ball with just over 2 minutes left and it’s their ball at the Skins’ 13….

“Somebody make a play on special teams….IT’S BLOCKED!!!” – Mike Tirico

Gholston sacks Roethlisberger for a loss of two and that’s the 2-minute warning.

“It’s like almost going to be about field position in this game”. – Dr. Kornheiser (Via JFein)

You think? Parker up the middle, but there’s a penalty on the play….holding and the Skins send them back ten. 2nd and 22 from the 25 yard line. Roethlisberger to Holmes and he gets back to the original line of scrimmage. 3rd and 12….

Ben to Ward at the goal line…..he’s not in but that’s a first down at the one inch line….timeout Steelers. That throw was a laser in between about four Redskins.

“Lot of terrible towel flags Tony.”- Ron Jaworski
“I’m not happy with that.”- Tony Kornheiser

I thought Tony hated the Redskins….interesting….

Roethlisberger up the middle…..TOUCHDOWN PITTSBURGH! The Steelers take the lead with :32 left in the half….


I think the next Adam Sandler movie is about a sportscaster who can predict the next play. It co-stars Rob Schneider as the team mascot who makes crude comments about the cheerleaders. Look for it Summer 2009. (Via Mal)

That sounds like a winner! Roethlisberger leaves the field and the Steelers kickoff is taking by Cartwright out to the 32. :27 left and the Skins will probably just sit on this one. Michele Tafoya tells us Big Ben hurt his hand and that’s not good.

The Redskins try a play action throw on first down?!?!?! Campbell sacked and that’s the half. I’m going to check out these Presidential candidate interviews and I’ll see you in a new thread….

10-6 Steelers.