Ed [Hochuli] sounds like my 5 year old daughter in a spelling contest…shaky voice and wet pants…wow… (Via Anon)

An absolute cluster**** of a 1st half in terms of decisions by the refs and teams….and yet, I’m entertained. (Via SS)

I agree wholeheartedly.

Score: Vikings 20 – Saints 10
Total Net Yards: Vikings 120 – Saints 251

10:35- Vikings ball to start and they’ll get it at the 20. Jaws continues the praise of the Saints and we’re underway with half two. Peterson for five and Berrian follows with 12 and a first down.

Frerotte runs for a solid gain of five, but a screen to Berrian goes for just one. 3rd and four….incomplete. And the Vikings will punt to Reggie Bush….who runs backwards to his own five. Dumb idea there.

After some of the comments by the crew in the first half, I think the Madden cruiser dropped some Johnny Walker off on the way to SD. (Via JG)

Bush for a few on first down, another play to him on second for nowhere and it’s 3rd and 7….Brees hits Moore….first down. McAllister for two…..Brees deep to Henderson! Terrible pass into double coverage. Vikings blitz on third down….incomplete. Saints punt and we’re slowing down now.

saints should go shotgun, 5 wide and just throw the damn…put bush in the slot..fuck… (Via Anon)

Did anyone else catch Chris Berman say the Red Sox were up 22-0? (Via SS)


10:49- Taylor picks up a chunk and Wade gets the first. That’s five catches for Wade. Peterson for three, incomplete on second and incomplete on third. Vikings punt…..Bush back again….close but he’s knocked out.

Tex on first, Masterson coming in (Via Anon)

Let’s switch over then, shall we? Vlad up, 2-0 Boston, runner on first, Top of the eighth. 0-2 quickly and the Sox fans are into it….1-2 on a slider outside….2-2 Fastball up….3-2 high again with the fastball….Walk. Tying runs are on base….Torii Hunter up.

Strike one, strike two on a foul ball…..WILD PITCH! Masterson crossed up Tek and that’s not good. Runners move up and both are in scoring position.

(Saints driving in Vikings territory)

Fouled off. 1-2 still…2 outs….2 in scoring position. 2-2…high. SINGLE!!!!!! One in…..Vlad in! We’re tied.

“Listen to the deafening silence in Boston.”- Chip Caray

Okay enough of that nonsense. Back to Football….Saints are punting and we have a timeout. 3:25 left in the third and we’re back to Baseball….

1-2 to Napoli….pop up and that’s the inning. Onto the bottom of the eighth…2-2

And we’re back. Vikes ball at their own 22. Peterson loses about five and he isn’t doing anything tonight. Frerotte incomplete and it’ll be 3rd and 14….Gus hits Wade but he’s well short. Vikings to punt to Reggie Bush once again….

GONE! Bush to the house and there was an f’ing ridiculous block to spring him down the right side!!!!!

20-17 Vikings. WOW! Dunbar just destroyed Henderson. That’ll be up shortly.

SEE!.. YOU!.. LATER!… was Tirico stealing Bob Carpenter’s homerun call? (Via Anon)

Hahahaha good catch. I was too busy yelling to hear it.

11:09- Hicks out to the 30 and the Vikings will takeover from there. Play action….incomplete. FUMBLE! Vikes get it back. 3rd and 8…..Frerotte sacked! Wait, no play….false start. It’s loud as hell in the Superdome. 3rd and 13….timeout Vikings.

“They not making no moves offensively.”- Tony Kornheiser on the Vikings

Frerotte to Taylor and he’s well short! P.I. on the offense is declined and Minnesota is punting….Bush back there again….

NO! Not again!!! Okay….wow. Bush trips at the 50, but still another great return.

Reggie Bush to the critics: Eat this BEE-YOTCH! (Via SS)

Okay….one punt return TD doesn’t make up for still being down 3 to the Vikings, 29 yards on 9 carries and 2 fumbles (1 lost). But yes….very entertaining.

“It’s only been 30 years since a crowd chanted Reggie…Reggie. You know Mr. October.”- Mike Tirico

Oh and the third quarter ended somewhere in there as well. Brees to Henderson for a first, but Bush loses a yard on the next first. Allen bats down the pass on second down and it’ll be third and long….

Almost picked off! Incomplete and the Saints will be attempting a 53 yarder with Gramatica?!?!?! Ummm….

WOW! He killed that one….that would have been good from 60….

20-20 Tie.

Angels try a squeeze and Varitek tags Willits, but loses the ball. He’s called out and the Angels are arguing. Good call though….the ground caused the fumble on that one. Going to the bottom of the ninth tied at two.

11:23- Vikings ball from their own 28. Gus and A.P. get mixed up but the back still picks up seven. False start. And another one….2nd and 13 now. Incomplete after being pressured and it’s 3rd and 13….

Dropped by Berrian over the middle and here comes Reggie Bush again….

SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Gone again! 27-20 Saints….why are they even kicking to him?!?!?!?

SOX WIN! Lowry singles in Jason Bay and you’re ALCS is Boston and Tampa!!!!

11:31- Wow…that was a crazy ten minutes of Sports there wasn’t it? Okay…let’s settle back into this game. Screen to Peterson for nine, he gets none on second and it’s 3rd and one….

“I know you’re critical of Sports Radio but that’s the topic tomorrow. Why would you kick to Bush a third time.”- Tony Kornheiser
“I would ask the same question.”- Ron Jaworski
“I’ll give you the call-in number.”- Tony Kornheiser

Frerotte deep to Berrian and he has it in Saints’ territory! Gus is hurt and he looks to be in a ton of pain.

They have speed guns on the ball carrier? Weird. (Via Esse)

Yeah there was no way that Reggie Bush was running 20mph+ while jogging into the endzone. Jackson is in at QB and the Vikings run it of course….for nothing. He loses some yardage actually. 2nd and 13 from the 30. Jackson over the middle for a few and it’s 3rd and 7. Make that Frerotte…he’s back in…

First down Allison, but there’s a flag on the play….OFFENSIVE P.I.! On Allison again. That was pretty blatant there. 3rd and 17 now….

Frerotte hit again but somehow he hits Berrian in the endzone for six!!! He even ran into Allison on the catch. Insane….

27-27 with 7:10 left.

Tonight is just weird. Reggie Bush is going to return a punt in overtime to win it. Calling it now. (Via Anon)

11:42- Seriously. The Saints should really just put Reggie Bush back for the kick. They don’t and Pierre Thomas is SMACKED at the fifteen. Bush loses two on first down and a false start puts it at 2nd and 17. Brees hits Meachem for ten and it’ll be third and seven….

Brees to Miller for a huge gain…..OHHHHHHHH! Ced Griffin destroys him downfield and I have no idea how Miller hung onto that ball.

“There are millions of moms out there saying you’re not playing Football.”- Tony Kornheiser

Whoooo man that was huge. Deuce for six on first down in Vikings territory and Bush picks up another two…..4 minutes left. 3rd and 1 here, the crowd is yelling for Deuce and he’s in….he looks to have fallen forward past the mark….and he’ll have it.

Deuce up the middle and he picks up one….under three minutes now. Second and nine….timeout Saints. After the stoppage, Brees throws incomplete and it’ll be third and eight….

Blitz! Henderson doesn’t come back and that’s incomplete. Gramatica back out for a 46 yarder….

NO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s the two minute warning!

Vikings ball at their own 37….Peterson for two and the clock is running. Wade gets a few and it’s 3rd and 3. Frerotte deep to Berrian!!!! Pass interference on the Saints and that one takes it all the way down to the Saints’ 14! Amazing. Going bold….

Peterson up the middle for two and the Saints call timeout. One left for New Orleans with 1:05 left. Peterson loses a yard and the Saints call their last timeout with 1 minute even to go. Peterson up the middle to the 12 again and it looks like there will be about 15 seconds left on the clock after a Longwell FG attempt…..

Make that 16 seconds and the attempt will be a 30-yarder….BANG! Right down the middle….13 seconds left….30-27 Vikings. Reggie Bush goes back and there’s no way that they’re kicking this to him. Stecker downs it at the 24 yard line and that should do it.

Brees deep, picked….and that will do it. What an unbelievable and ridiculous game. I think I hit record about 40 times tonight, so I’m going to go through all of those and try to get a video up for those who were watching Baseball. Thanks for hanging around tonight.

Final: Vikings 30 – Saints 27

“We got to get Jaws to a cold tub because he’s completely exhausted” – Tony Kornheiser (Via JFein)

Me too.

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