Who: Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies
What: Beisbol
When: Tonight, 8:30pm (FOX)
Where: Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia, PA
Why: So Joe Buck and Tim McCarver can explain the ground rules at Tropicana Field just one more time, even though the game is in Philadelphia….and/or….mean mug the camera while their seats are at awkward and completely different heights (seriously…what is that about?)
How: Ryan Howard in the Laboratory with a Subway Cheesesteak
Weather: All I know is that I’m freezing my ass off and Philly is about 2 hours north of here.

Alrighty people, you’ve spoken and you want to talk Baseball tonight and what baby wants….baby gets. I’ll be starting the live-blog around 8ish, leave your predictions and thoughts in the comments, and I’ll see you later on.

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