I have no idea what will happen to the likes of Jeanne Zelasko and Kevin Kennedy, but FOX is cutting out it’s Sunday pregame show for the upcoming 2009 season. According to LA Daily News’ Tom Hoffarth, the network’s losses over the past few years are more than likely the main cause….

Fox sources have confirmed that the network will drop its Los Angeles-based Major League Baseball pregame show for next season as part of a network-wide cost-cutting move, and Fox Sports chief Ed Goren informed all the talent about the decision just before Thanksgiving.

Some of it has to do with the fact that the network lost up to $50 million on its MLB coverage in ’07, no doubt helped along by the less-than-attractive World Series, and that the pregame show hosted by Jeanne Zelasko and including Kevin Kennedy, Eric Karros and Mark Grace, never made money with national ad sales (they were sold by the local affiliates, rather than the national ads that are seen on the Fox NFL pregame show).

I’m not one to pile on, but if there was ever a pregame show to be cut, it was this one. No one ever watched it, and the personalities were just downright annoying at times. It looks like Zelasko and Kennedy will be absent next year while Karros goes back in the booth.

The other great thing that comes out of this decision is now FOX can possible just start World Series games at 8pm, instead of jerking us around for a half an hour. Let’s hope they don’t bring it back for the Playoffs.

Fox cuts MLB pregame show in ’09 (Farther Off The Wall)

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