I didn’t know whether this counted as breaking news or not, but there will be a Special Edition of Mike and Mike on Super Bowl Sunday. The duo will be broadcasting in their regular slot (6-10am) on SuperBowl Sunday live from AZ. But that’s not all! There will be a “Best Of” from 10am-noon, so that’ll make it 6 hours of Mike and Mike goodness starting at six in the morning!

From M&M this morning…..

“Let’s start your Super Bowl Sunday starting at six in the morning. So we will be here our usual time on ESPN Radio and ESPN2 live all four hours getting you set for Super Bowl XLII.”- Mike Greenberg
“And then two hours of Best of, so if my math is correct that’s six hours of Mike and Mike to start your day on Sunday.”- Mike Golic
“Six hours on TV, 4 hours on the radio, all day long on ESPNRadio.com. You get that ready now you’re ready for some Football go out do your shopping, get your work done and at about six o’clock at night you sit down and get yourself ready……we hope you will start your Super Bowl Sunday with us.”- Mike Greenberg

Wow, I’m sure they’ll get a ton of ratings on a Sunday at 6am. Anyone up for a live-blog?

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