I didn’t think there was someone out there that could challenge Erin Andrews in the sideline reporting game. I thought it was Sophia Cortina last year, but that fizzled out as her LLWS debut was less than stellar. Well Mister Irrelevant has found a suitable challenger and I pray that she gets to live her dreams….

KOTR: Why did you pick Ohio University?
ALLIE: I came to Ohio University for the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

KOTR: Have you decided what field of journalism you want to enter, or are you still in the experimentation stage?
ALLIE: I’m still in the experimentation stage. I think sports broadcasting is what I want to focus on. I think it’s great that women are getting more and more opportunities to be seen and heard in the sports industry. I can see myself being a sideline reporter or doing play-by-play. Play-by-play may be further down the road, but I can see myself doing sideline stuff right now.

So um yeah…..I don’t really have anything clever to say. What’s that? Oh you want more pictures??? Okay…..

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