When I first posted the David Tyree catch and proclaimed how terrible Joe Buck’s call was, I asked you to imagine Gus Johnson (or anyone for that matter with emotion) calling that same play. Well thanks to LBMS I was able to take Marv Albert’s radio call of the play and add it in with the video.

Let’s watch that play again….


I’m not even going to post the Joe Buck call again because it will just make me mad, but here’s Bill Simmons’ take on the call….

If you’re a play-by-play announcer and you can’t get excited for a play like that, then why are you doing this for a living? Only Pat Summerall could get away with deadpan calls for miracle plays, and I have to say, even Pat’s voice might have cracked on that one. Over everything else, a play-by-play guy should be able to match the excitement of a particular game, right? How could Buck feel good about himself after that call? Imagine him doing the last seconds of the USA-USSR hockey game in 1980? “And the clock winds down … and the Americans have done it.”

Yep, that about sums it up.

Did Marv out-perform Buck on ‘The Snatch’? YESSSS! (Lord, Beer Me Strength)
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