During a conference call yesterday, Marshall Faulk decided to hint at the fact that the Dallas media was/is too soft on Offensive Coordinator, Jason Garrett. The only problem? It was during a conference call with the Dallas media. Via the Star-Telegram….

“You [reporters] kind of gave [Garrett] a pass,” Faulk offered up during a 35-minute NFL Network conference call today. “Whereas for Brian Stewart, the defensive coordinator, when things weren’t clicking on defense, you guys attacked him in the media.”

Faulk was “surprised” when Brad Johnson replaced Romo on Oct. 19 at St. Louis that the Cowboys didn’t seem to know “what kind of game plan they were going to run, and not able to implement it, say, against the Rams.” The Cowboys lost that game 34-14.

Said Faulk: “We didn’t get, ‘Hey, Jason Garrett, although you don’t have Romo, you’re still supposed to find a way to win football games.’ ”

When pressed for a reason why the local media would give Garrett a pass, Faulk replied, “I have no idea. [But] it’s the exact same reason why after Sunday’s [20-8 win over Giants], you guys threw softball questions and chuckled it up with Romo, and asked T.O. all the hard questions, and really got after him.”

Faulk indicated he watched the postgame news conferences on ESPN in amazement, as Romo was asked football-related questions such as where the team was headed.

“But for T.O., it was like y’all were pouring that lighter fluid out there,” said Faulk, “trying to get him to strike a match.”

I don’t live in Dallas, but I think it’s safe to say that Jason Garrett isn’t exactly getting a “pass”. I could be wrong though. Also, the notion that Romo got an easy question from Andrea Kremer, or anyone, is just wrong. In fact Romo was the first person to address the issue during the postgame interview. He may have just been joking, but if he wasn’t, it seems really off base.

Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Garrett gets ‘pass’ from local media, Marshall Faulk says (The Star-Telegram)