I really think this is a non-story, but for some reason, people are still talking about Tim McCarver’s comments in regards to Manny. Yesterday the FOX analyst was making the rounds on ESPN and was on Outside the Lines to talk about the postseason and to clarify his comments. McCarver stuck to his guns, and when given the chance to maybe replace the word despicable, he said that he’s fine with the word and was fine when he first said it.

Manny also commented on the situation to media yesterday and here are both clips in case you missed them….


McCarver in the booth is one of the most maddening people I’ve ever listened to, but out of it….he just makes me laugh. Not only when he flashes that little grin at the end, but also when he almost calls Sports Center, “Sports Channel”. I just can’t stay mad at the guy.

McCarver Calls Manny’s Behavior In Boston, “Despicable” (Awful Announcing)

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