Not that Madden 2009 needs anymore hype or marketing behind the release of the game in August, but it apparently has gotten from the trading card company Donruss. The two entities are teaming up to create the first cards for the Top 10 NFL Draft picks and guess where the only way you can get them. By pre-ordering Madden of course!

Texas-based trading card manufacturer Donruss and video game maker EA Sports have joined forces to create the first football cards of the top 10 NFL Draft picks in their pro uniforms.

The computer-generated rookie cards will be included with copies of Madden NFL 09 if pre-ordered on during a promotion that ends on May 9.

While only the top 10 picks — including Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan and Oakland Raiders RB Darren McFadden — will have real cards printed, each of the first 31 players drafted had cards virtually printed live online during the draft.

It’s an ingenious idea for both companies and another reason why the Madden franchise has one of the best run marketing campaign in Sports.

EA Sports & Donruss team up for Madden NFL 09 promotion (Orlando Sentinel)
Madden 2009 Draft Cards (EA Sports)

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