The video game world is abuzz today with the release of some of the rankings for Madden 2009. The early indications are that Madden did a pretty good job with the team rankings but the QB ones are a little jacked up. First the teams via Shutdown Corner…

Everything looks pretty good, but there’s no way the Vikings should be a 90. I’ll let the Eagles be ranked higher than the Skins but not the Vikings. Especially when Washington hung 32 on the team when they could have locked up a Playoff spot. Anywho, homerism aside those look pretty spot on. Now onto the QBs via Sports Gamer (click for larger view)…..

Okay, a few quick thoughts here. Rex Grossman has an 84 in accuracy?!?! That’s news to me. Also, Chad Pennington has an 82 in arm strength? He must be only allowed to throw 10 yard outs in the game. Other than that….Derek Anderson seems to have been shafted a bit and Tom Brady is officially the best quarterback, and Tavaris Jackson is the worst the game has ever seen.

Madden ’09 likes the Patriots, but not Tarvaris Jackson (Shutdown Corner)
Madden 09: Quarterback Ratings (Sports Gamer)

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