All pregame long we heard that Joey Crawford reffing this game shouldn’t be an issue. Greg Popovich said it, Charles Barkley said it, Kenny Smith said it, and Marv and Doug both said it. Well guess what….it was.

We’ll leave aside the Lakers unbelievable journey to get to this point (up 7 and on the line with :50 left), and just go to the controversial videotape….

Unbelievable. I don’t see how you look and that and not make a call. It’s one thing if Barry got away and got off a clean look, but with 2.1 seconds left you HAVE to call that. I warned everyone yesterday afternoon that San Antonio wasn’t happy and you can bet they’re going to be livid tomorrow. The Duncan incident, The Popovich poking incident in Game Five of the Hornets Series, and now this.

Wow. I just don’t know what else to say.

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