If you didn’t stay up and watch Game One between the Cavs and Celtics I don’t blame you. I’ve watched just about every San Antonio Spurs game over the past 8 years, and none of them compared to how boring this game was until the last few minutes (actually even those were boring). Dick Stockton and Mike Fratello called it a “defensive war” multiple times during the contest, but people were just bricking shots. There’s no other way to describe Lebron’s 12 points (2-18 shooting?!), Pierce’s 4 points (2-14 shooting?!) and Ray Allen’s 0 points (0-4 shooting).

While the majority of the game was pretty dreadful, somehow it was still able to be won or tied by Cleveland. Kevin Garnett (who everyone says can’t finish out games) had just made a ridiculous spinning layup and the ball was left in the hands of Lebron…..


The best part of that clip is that James Posey was trying to foul because the Celts had one to give. Lebron’s late game layups just aren’t falling for a Cleveland team that should have won that game whether he made just two shots or not. There’s not a chance in hell that Pierce and Allen are going 2-18 on Thursday, and hopefully somewhere between now and then both teams will rest up and actually score some in Game Two.

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