I meant to get this up last Friday, but for some reason Comcast Cable decided to randomly shut my service off for a day and a half. Boomer Esiason finally addressed the “Esiason Affair” at the end of last week and ultimately stood by his comments on Troy Aikman (as he should have). The topic of the “raging debate” came up on PTI on Thursday evening, and Boomer and radio host Craig Carton decided to listen to that audio and comment on the whole
“affair” after the clip.

I agree with just about everything on Boomer’s end, buuuuut the part where he and Carton question why Aikman is so pissed. I don’t believe he’s trying to be pro-Cowboy, but rather that it just comes out from time to time. I think him firing back shows that he certainly tries to not favor the team, and if someone called me out like that….I’d have done the same thing.

Neither Boomer or Aikman mentioned the debate on-air yesterday (not that they should have), so that’s probably the last we’ll (and you’ll) hear about this.

PTI on the “Esiason Affair” (WFAN)