It’s not like I was waiting for him to do so, but he’s probably the last Radio personality to not either “use” their content or mention them on-air. DC Sports Bog has the particulars from his radio show this morning, and the name of the site that drew his ire yesterday. It’s not even a Sports related site either….

Yesterday I was all over what is affectionately referred to at PTI as “The Blogosphere.” And David, you do blogging, so you know about this. There are four or five sports blogs that are out there that are read on a daily basis by a lot of people in the sports business, and I’m going to name them so that they know that I know what they are: Deadspin I think is probably first among equals, there’s something called The Big Lead, there’s something called With Leather–the explanation for which I can’t go into due to my employment circumstance–and there’s one called Kissing Suzy Kolber. Am I leaving any out that are big?….

….So this was about, I might as well say this, there’s a guy in town (DCRTV) who writes a blog about radio and television, ok? And it’s about him. It’s about him. I think I called him a fat naked mole rat, but I don’t even know if he’s fat. I’ve never met him, I’ve never seen him. I’m quite sure he’s a naked mole rat.

A couple of things. What exactly is a naked mole rat? Also, I like how he almost made it seem like PTI was responsible for the term “Blogosphere”. I personally never understood DCRTV and I didn’t think it was that widely read, but apparently the writer knows how to get under people’s skin. I can think of at least three DC area shows that regularly bring his site up, two of them national.

I almost like Tony’s response to the topic and it was certainly not as uninformed as Wilbon’s and degrading as [He who shall not be named]’s were. If you don’t read you don’t read….I can live with that.

Kornheiser Names His Blogging Enemy (DC Sports Bog)

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