I don’t know how else to say this but calling something your “Passion Bucket” just doesn’t sound right to me. Well tonight the Lakers will be handing out Passion Bucket cards for tonight’s game and the directions to fill them are highly entertaining.

First a quick timeline….

Jan. 2, 2008 – Brand spanking new UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel drops the phrase on the Dan Patrick Show when discussing his program’s, um, passion. DP stops mid interview and immediately loves the word.
Jan. 9 – Bob Costas use the phrase on HBO’s Inside the NFL, after promising on the DP Show to launch the term.
Jan. 13 – Rich Eisen uses the term on the NFL Network, also at Dan’s behest.
Jan. 17th – Rich Neuheisel came back to the DP Show to discuss the phenomenon he unknowingly unleashed. He requests to be referred to as “PB”.
Jan. 21st – Kobe Bryant uses the phrase twice on TNT.

Now onto the card itself…..

So wait, it’s just a mood ring? That’s disappointing. They should just give out buckets to everyone and see what happens.

(Thanks to PP for the images)

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