I really hate to say anything bad about Coach Knight, as the guy scares me to death, but his first trip to the booth last night was less than stellar. It’s not like he didn’t provide analysis, but a lot of it just seemed either completely obvious or uninspired. Not only that but I think ESPN might be afraid to put him on camera. I watched a good bit of the Duke-S.Illinois game last night and I think I only saw him on camera once.

Combine that with the odd choice of essentially replacing him on the second game with Vitale, and it was just a random night altogether. So much so, that Coach Knight’s son decided to steal the headlines. Pat Knight’s Texas Tech Red Raiders put up a school record 167 points in a win over East Central Oklahoma. Via the Dallas Morning News….

Texas Tech gave coach Pat Knight something his father never got with the Red Raiders — 167 points.

The Red Raiders defeated East Central 167-115 Thursday night.

Trevor Cook scored a career-high 20 points and was one of 10 players in double figures for Texas Tech, which easily eclipsed the record for most points scored by the Red Raiders. Alan Voskuil and John Roberson each had 17 points and Mike Singletary and Wally Dunn each had 16.

“I’m a big believer in confidence,” Knight said. “We got 10 guys that score double figures. Proves to them they can at least put it in the bucket. Our defense is a little different. The game is just so different from anything. We’re not going to face anything like this.”

That’s just wild. Take a look at the boxscore when you get a chance as well, it’ll just blow your mind. Shooting 52%, on 13 of 25, from 3-point range will always help you out. And who said that the new 3-point line would cause scoring to be down?

Texas Tech defeats East Central 167-115 (Dallas Morning News)