Keyshawn is either completely and utterly wrong about things or dead on. Most of the Draft he was wrong, but in an interview with USA Today he is completely right about Chad Johnson….

Keyshawn Johnson had some advice for Chad Johnson, the Cincinnati Bengals wideout who had been been on forcing a trade like out of an unhappy situation like Randy Moss did last year.

The ESPN analyst and former NFL receiver believes the Bengal would be making a mistake if he were to divorce himself from quarterback Carson Palmer.

“I think Chad is going about it the wrong way,” the ESPN analyst said. “I told Chad at the Super Bowl, ‘Be careful what you wish for. Because when they bounce your butt and you wind up in Buffalo with J.P. Losman as your quarterback, you’re going to be screaming.

“I just told him to relax and chill and handle your situation differently.”

While his assesment of Chad Johnson’s situation is dead on he’s a bit off on his Buffalo Bills depth chart. JP Losman isn’t the starter for the Bills, Trent Edwards is. I guess the sentence still works but that’s certainly not they way he originally meant it.

Now if there was only a way to shut them both up. Hmm???

Keyshawn to Ocho Cinco: ‘Careful what you wish for’ (USA Today)