Last week it was another announcer, Mark Jackson, who was being talked about in regards to the Knicks. This week it’s a TNT analyst who’s expressing interest in working for the Front Office of the team. Via Newsday….

“It’s a good possibility,” Smith said during TNT’s pregame show before the Detroit-Philadelphia playoff game.

Smith, who also works part-time on the Knicks’ local broadcasts, could be considered a candidate for general manager or assistant general manager, depending on how Walsh reorganizes the front office.

Smith said he had not spoken directly with Walsh. But he expressed a general interest in working for a team.

“If it’s basketball, in terms of coaching or a general manager or owning a team, that’s me,” Smith said. “If it’s sitting here with you numbskulls, it’s me. Basketball is me. I’m from New York, and that is the epitome of a franchise — the Lakers, the Celtics, the Knicks.”

It would be a shame for TNT to lose yet another key player to a Front Office job (Steve Kerr last year), but Kenny Smith is an extremely intelligent person and could be a good fit for the struggling Knicks. Just like Kerr leaving meant more Reggie Miller, a Smith move could mean more Magic Johnson. Ugh.

On a side note, Chris Webber did a pretty damn good job last night. At one point he said that he wouldn’t want to play for the Mavs because no one came to Jason Kidd’s aid after the hard foul on Janero Pargo. He said, “Outisde of Jerry Stackhouse, no one would have your back.” It looks like he attended Charles Barkley’s school of honesty and that’s always a good move.

TNT’s Smith Has Interest in Knicks (Newsday)

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