I always dread posting about Keith Olbermann because of the Politics debate that ensues, but hopefully we can all just laugh at him for this one. You’d think that someone who was once an ESPN Sports Center anchor and a current Sports analyst on NBC (even though it’s Football) might know where a Basketball playerlike Chauncey Billups plays, but alas he does not.

Chauncey is introducing Barack Obama during a rally in Detroit for Gore’s endorsement of the Senator last night and Keith doesn’t seem to know which team the Point Guard plays for. He tries to go to the well (his notes) to find Billups’ squad, but that doesn’t exactly work for him….

Currently, was, recently, is…ummm yeah. Come on Keith. I know you still watch Sports and the guy has been with the Pistons for the last six years. The last time he played for the Nuggets was in 2000. Hell he played more games for Minnesota than he did for Denver!

I bet whoever typed up his notes doesn’t know how to read an NBA stat sheet. Too funny.

(Thanks to the incomparable Shoals for the tip)