Everyone knows about my love for WCBS Announcers John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. Well John Sterling is at it again my friends and this one will crack you up. Via the XMFan.com forum….

Can you tell Robinson Cano and Jose Molina apart? Apparently John “I Am Legend” Sterling cannot. In the midst of the eighth inning rally today, he started with his “Robbie Cano, don’t you know” and “a ribbie from Robbie” bullshit when the Yanks scored the go ahead run. The only trouble was that Jose Molina was the hero with his two out double.

Too bad we have an announcer more concerned with his self-made legacy than with calling a good game. What a dick.

Oh you don’t believe the submitter? How about some audio and video???

The best part of the whole thing is not only that he mentioned Molina two seconds before the pitch, but that he freaked out the at-bat before when Cano hit the sacrifice fly to tie the game. I can understand getting lost during a game but to add a homertastic freak out on top of it is just unbelievable. Too funny.

(Many thanks to J from Vegas Watch for the tip.)