When reader ML sent me a synopsis of a perfect Joe Morganism I cracked up. When I saw the video I almost passed out from laughter. Listen to Joe describe Jose Reyes’ swing after an 8th inning 3-run homer…..

“You know what I like about that, he ran around the bases.”- Joe Morgan

According to Rule 6.09(d) of the Official Major League rule book….

(d) A fair ball passes over a fence or into the stands at a distance from home base of 250 feet or more. Such hit entitles the batter to a home run when he shall have touched all bases legally. A fair fly ball that passes out of the playing field at a point less than 250 feet from home base shall entitle the batter to advance to second base only;

As ML pointed out in the email, “What the f**k was Reyes expected to do, Joe- have the Yankees carry him around the bases, injured softball girl-style? Yes, let’s make a point to note that Reyes ran around the bases in compliance with the rules of the sport in which he plays.” I’m pretty sure my four year old cousin knows that you HAVE to run around the bases. Too funny.