You’d think that Jeremy Schaap might be willing to let bygones be bygones now that Bobby Knight is on his team. That’s definitely not the case. The NY Times got a hold of Schaap while on vacation and he had this to say about his nemesis….

Knight toys with the notion that he is part of the media, which he isn’t. He’s an expert witness, not a reporter. On Wednesday, he prefaced a comment by saying, “Not being a member of the media; rather, being a consultant,” which prompted [Digger] Phelps to say, “You’re media, sitting there. You’re media. Get used to it.”

Schaap, on vacation and not upset at missing Knight’s opening night, said: “He has a long way to go before he’s as good as Digger Phelps. And I mean that 100 percent.”

Wow. If ESPN wants ratings, get those two on-air together post haste! I don’t think there’s any love lost between Schaap and Knight.

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