I don’t think Jenn Sterger is inherently bad at what she does (she does pretty well on camera), but it’s amazing how one little comment from Brent Musburger has landed a FSU student in various writing jobs from blogs to Sports Illustrated. The girl even landed on the E! show “Byte Me: 20 Hottest Women of the Web” at #19.

Well according to the Randy’s Radar (the official Jets’ blog) she’s got a new gig and is now an employee of the New York Jets….

Jenn Sterger, a southern girl with flair, is taking her act to New York. In an effort to improve their gameday experience, the New York Jets have hired Sterger as the club’s gameday host.

“It will be fun. It’s going to be sassy,” Jenn told me recently of her new role. “I plan on fully embracing my new role as a New Yorker.”

In her new position, she will interview celebrities and will host a pregame “Keys to the Game” segment and the club’s pregame components up until player introductions. She’ll also play a role during TV timeouts and at halftime.

“I thought it was a great project. I think it’s really cool that you guys are trying to integrate a new kind of media into your gameday experience,” she said. “It’s going to be fun and more interactive for fans. If it gets them in the seats earlier and out of the freezing parking lots a couple of beers earlier maybe, so be it. I promise I’ll put on as good a show as I possibly can.”

I do have to agree that it’s definitely a cool idea, but with the whole that went down last year, they might want to be careful with how much she “interacts” with the fans. Also, just a random question here, but what celebrities are going to Jets games in the middle of the Winter? Just curious.

Jenn Sterger Set for ‘Sassy’ Jets Role (NY Jets)