I personally thought that the MLB on FOX pregame show was just about the biggest waste of time on television, and was extremely happy when they decided to drop it for this year. It wasn’t because of any one person, but rather all parties involved were just not right for a Studio show.

With that said, it comes as a huge surprise now that the Dodgers are actually considering hiring host, Jeanne Zelasko as their play-by-play voice. Zelasko has been “beating down their door” following the move of Charley Steiner to radio, and there seems her hiring could become a reality soon. Via The Arizona Republic….

Zelasko said it is understandable that the Dodgers asked her if she ever had done baseball play-by-play – the answer is no – but she had that role for ice-skating and gymnastics competitions.

“But I’ve been around baseball for a very long time, and Kevin Kennedy, who should be managing somewhere, taught me more about that the game than I think most people could even consider. I was blessed to be next to him for eight years. So I’m excited. I don’t know if they’ll bite.”

She knows the experience and gender factors are not in her favor, but she has conquered the odds before. She was the first female reporter to walk the NASCAR pits, and she has handled other “firsts” with relative ease.

“Honestly, I have walked on this thin ice before with anything I’ve ever done in my broadcasting career,” she said. “As I was telling the Dodgers, I would never ask for something I thought I would fail at. I think it’s gonna take the right woman at the right time, and if I may be so bold, I believe that person’s me.”

I don’t know if she’s the best option out there at the moment, but it would be interesting to hear a female voice in Baseball. I say the Dodgers try her out for a bit, and if it works great, if not….no harm done.

Zelasko also says she is winning her battle with thyroid Cancer, which is definitely a great thing.

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