These Madden 2009 videos are popping up everywhere, and I’m sorry for hitting you with two in a day, but this one is just completely odd. The premise for the clip seems pretty awesome, but the execution seems, as Shutdown Corner explains….Tron-like.

The clip is of yet another new Madden 2009 feature called Madden IQ and it’s a system that lets the computer gauge your strengths and weaknesses and responds accordingly. You do a few drills and then the Computer’s game is supposed to to adapt to your skills. The drills themselves are explained to you by a glowing John Madden and then you practice them as digital figures. Here’s the clip…..

I guess it’s good that Madden actually is in the game, but I’d rather have him announcing than leading me through drills. That might just be me though.

Your Madden IQ (which may have nothing to do with your real IQ) (Shutdown Corner)

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