I have yet to find/see the video on this, but a few outlets are freaking out because the NFL on FOX’s Howie Long decided to call co-worker Terry Bradshaw a “scumbag” during the pregame show on the network. The comment came after Bradshaw said he was rooting for the Lions to lose their last game and finish 0-16. Via Phil Mushnick at the NY Post….

WHAT are we doing to us, why do we continue to do it, and when, if ever, will it stop?

Two minutes into Fox’s one-hour pregame yesterday, host Curt Menefee noted that panelist Terry Bradshaw last week said he’d like to see the Lions finish 0-16.

“S–bag,” panelist Howie Long said of Bradshaw.

“I am a s–bag,” Bradshaw said.

That gave Long, Bradshaw and Fox 58 minutes to apologize, to express their regrets to a national audience for having ambushed it during Sunday daylight.

None came. Perhaps they felt they’d said nothing inappropriate, or, at worst, it was no big deal. Hey, if there were kids watching, that’s what the Fox robot is for!

I think Phil Mushnick is a fine journalist, but that’s a little much if you ask me. I’m of the vein that thinks kids have heard a thousand times worse in their time on this Earth, but I guess I’m not the person who should decide where the line is drawn. I didn’t even know the term “scumbag” was that bad of an insult. Good to know.

Foul-Mouthed Ambush Mars Pregame (NY Post)