Man that game was a wild one. If you’re waking up today, and you missed it, I hope this video and set of quotes helps. If you played along with the live-blog, enjoy them a second time!

“The strong hand wins the contest.”- Ron Jaworski

“Maybe he should have dated supermodels?”- Tony Kornheiser after comparing Drew Brees to Brady and Manning

“They were in position to score a million times.” – Tony Kornheiser

“They were dooing for Deuce McAllister.”- Mike Tirico
“Dooing?”- Tony Kornheiser
“Deucing.”- Mike Tirico

“Heath Shuler is a congressman and Gus Frerotte is still playing Football! It’s phenomenal!!!”- Tony Kornheiser

“He [Hochuli] drops in my fantasy referee draft.”- Tony Kornheiser

“In some countries these guys are picking out furniture.”- Tony Kornheiser on Brees and Sean Payton
“Brees’ relationship to Sean Payton has been described by everyone as perfect” – Tony Kornheiser

“Well under the average inside the redzone.”- Ron Jaworski
“They’re last!”- Tony Kornheiser

“This could be three or seven.”- Tony Kornheiser on a FG attempt

“Penetrate and get the arms up!”- Ron Jaworski

“So far what we’ve seen from Reggie Bush is warning track power. At USC he was a home run hitter all the time. If he does that in the pros, he is a star of stars”- Tony Kornheiser

“There’s a rule that pertains to foot tangling?”- Tony Kornheiser
“No footsies.”- Mike Tirico

“I know you’re critical of Sports Radio but that’s the topic tomorrow. Why would you kick to Bush a third time.”- Tony Kornheiser
“I would ask the same question.”- Ron Jaworski
“I’ll give you the call-in number.”- Tony Kornheiser

“They not making no moves offensively.”- Tony Kornheiser on the Vikings

“That was great video of Drew Brees hyping up his team. It looked like he went to Ray Lewis Summercamp.”- Tony Kornheiser

“We got to get Jaws to a cold tub because he’s completely exhausted” – Tony Kornheiser