I guess if someone decided to do an impersonation of one of my loved ones who passed away I might be a little ticked off as well. AT&T has been airing commercials in the Chicago area with Caray’s likeness and Dutchie Caray is none to happy….

Dutchie Caray is furious with AT&T over television commercials featuring comic John Caponera pitching cable TV while impersonating the late Harry Caray.

“I just get shivers when I even think about it,” she told WGN-Ch. 9 on Monday morning.

“I was gone the whole month of March and I didn’t come back until a couple of days ago. … It made me so sick and disgusted. … What they did [was] so unprofessional, so jerky. … I might make an AT&T commercial, wrap myself in telephone wire, ughl-ughl-ughl and act like an idiot dope.”

You have to see the video on this because I love the telephone wire part. In other news the impressionist was pretty spot on with his take on Caray….


Caray’s widow peeved over ads (Chicago Tribune)

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