I was looking forward to the first episode of Hard Knocks almost as much as I was looking forward to the Hall of Fame Game. I also can’t say I was disappointed in the least either. Being the start of camp there wasn’t much Football outside of a gigantic block from Marion Barber, but the first showing was still good. Pacman was Pacman, T.O. was T.O. and Jerry was Jerry.

I put together a four minute clip of highlights in case you missed the showing or don’t have HBO. Enjoy!

Ahh, good times. I’m still not quite sure how Adam Jones gets to welcome anyone to the Cowboys, but I’m not going to be the one to argue with him. Other highlights from the show included the T.O.-Pacman one on one battle, Rookie RB Keon Lattimore (MD) falling up some stairs, and the coaches slobbering over Jason Witten. There was no Jessica Simpson, which is good, but you know she’s coming on at some point. Should be a good season.

Your First Episode Of Hard Knocks In Just Four Minutes (Deadspin)

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