This is just one of many mistakes in the pantheon of FOX’s coverage of this Bowl Season. The Announcing team for the Orange Bowl (sans Alvarez) was great, but the production team needs to go back to the drawing board. We’ve already seen the band about a million times… about that transition from halftime to second half?

Oh no…..somebody in the Band is down! Not your Bread and Butter FOX!!! Look I understand the problem with coming up with a new announcing team every single night for three nights, but this was unspeakable. FOX waits an entire year to bring us the BCS Bowl Games and if you’re not up in arms after the last two posts I feel sorry for you as a Sports Fan.

How do things like this happen when you have an entire year to plan? It makes zero sense to me. FOX saw how bad last year went and they made it worse(productionally speaking…..and yes I know that’s not a word). Please fix whatever you have to before the BCS Championship Game or you’re going to be hammered by the masses.

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