When you picture a party at the Playboy Mansion in your mind, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t include guys playing Guitar Hero, Pop-A-Shot, Pool Volleyball, as well as hanging with older (yet still lovely) event coordinators and a grand total of zero Playmates.

I could be wrong, but if I was a betting man, I think it would probably be playing out a little different. Well the scene describe above is exactly what the Tim Tebow shunned “Playboy All America Weekend” consisted of. From via Playboy U….

The weekend is a completely wholesome experience where the players get a chance to relax from the rigors of the weight room and the classroom. They get the chance to meet other players who they may have heard about or even played against. Stories are traded, boasts are made and friendships are formed, some of which last a lifetime.

This year’s weekend was held in Phoenix, Arizona in early May. Lots of fun was had by all. – Gary Cole, Playboy Sports Editor

Again, you can’t blame Tebow for not wanting to hurt his pristine image, but that party looks like every kid’s thirteenth birthday party at a community pool or roller skating rink. If there was a DJ there it was probably EVEN COOLER!

“What’s up All Americans? Get ready for the hokey pokey and limbo contest in about ten, but coming up next is Jordin Sparks’s “No Air”. This one is going out to Erin Andrews from WVU QB Pat White and it’s our long distance dedication of the evening!”

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