Amidst co-worker hatred of him and annoying article after annoying article, the Chicago Sun-Times has re-signed the despised one Jay Mariotti. From what I’ve learned over the past few weeks this really isn’t a surprise and look for every other Sports writer at the Sun-Times to quit leaving Jay The Joke all by himself*.

Jay Mariotti has agreed to a contract extension that will keep the award-winning sports columnist at the Sun-Times through May, 2011, Editor-in-Chief Michael Cooke said today.

“The Sun-Times sports franchise is a robust, influential brand locally and nationally. It’s the one place for independent, politically unimpeded sports commentary in Chicago,” Mariotti said. “The Sun-Times provides for a strong base from which to connect with readers while I continue my television work and branch into other broadcast and Web ventures.”

Mariotti regularly will write columns for the Sun-Times while traveling to major national and international sporting events and covering the thriving Chicago sports scene.

I’d like to say this surprises me but it really doesn’t. I know that controversy sells but I’d like to challenge all of Chicago to just try and ignore the guy and I’ll do the same.

Mariotti signs Sun-Times contract extension (Chicago Sun-Times)

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