I don’t know what in a person’s right mind would make them ever use the word “lynch” regarding a human being never-the-less and African American one, but apparently it’s happened (and in Golf!).

Golf TV anchor Kelly Tilghman decided the other day that she knew the best way for players to beat Tiger Woods. Yep, you guessed it….lynch him…..

Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman has made a round of apologies after saying that young golf players should “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley” as a way to compete with the most dominant player in the sport’s history, ESPN reported Tuesday.

Tilghman made the remarks during Friday’s telecast of the PGA Tour’s opening event at the Mercedes-Benz Championship.

A Golf Channel spokesperson told Newsday that Tilghman apologized during Sunday’s telecast and also to Woods’ representatives.

What the hell was she even thinking? I swear people don’t think anymore before they talk.

Anchor apologizes for ‘lynch Tiger’ remarks (MSNBC)

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UPDATE: The previous photo up was not Kelly Tilghman, but Kay Cockerill. Sorry for the mix up.