Last year Super Bowl spots came to an average of $2.7 million, but that was nowhere near the price FOX started at. Over the years the price usually only increases by a few hundred thousand dollars, but NBC doesn’t seem to be worried….

Even with the struggling economy, NBC is confident advertisers will pay higher prices because of the record ratings for this year’s game. The nail-biter between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots drew 97.4 million viewers, the biggest TV audience yet for any sporting event in the U.S.

The Super Bowl is one of the few bright spots this year for NBC, which is once again heading into the “upfront” ad-sales season in fourth place.

Of course, just because NBC sets the bar at $3 million doesn’t mean buyers will meet it. Several media buyers on Monday declined to comment on NBC’s announcement.

It seems to me that as the price for ads go up the quality of said ads goes down. Obviously the more money you spend on the spot takes away from the creation, but I expect next years ads to be just monkeys flinging poo. Wait, that would actually be entertaining.

Also, it maybe too late for this, but can we start a petition to get that logo changed? I still can’t get over how ugly that is.

NBC Super Bowl Ads to Cost $3 Million (Wall Street Journal)

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