The most infamous tailgaters, The Dead Tree Crew, were featured on Real Sports last night and did not disappoint. Via the Sporting Blog…..

Real Sports always does a great job with these type of stories and this one is no different. I personally hated my last trip to Fed Ex field for the Giants game this past season, but that’s just me. I saw two full on brawls, people yelling at kids in Giants jerseys, and there was a rumor of a female fan getting accosted in a bathroom as well. There’s also the fact that beers are $8 and the stadium’s parking situation is just impossible.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I actually agree that it’s pretty out of control. At least in Raljon er, Landover, Maryland it is. That’s just one man’s opinion though.

People Get Drunk at NFL Games? Shocking! (The Sporting Blog)

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