Wow….where do you even start with this traveshamockery? How about I give you the Math and then we’ll go to the videos. I noted that the Fiesta Bowl featured 58 individual shots of the respective team’s bands yesterday, and most people (including myself) were amazed. There’s so many more shots you could go to right? Well that was nothing. With the help of some of AA’s favorite readers we tracked the total for the Orange Bowl and the numbers are staggering…..

Pregame 5 (Both Teams)

1st Half

Kansas 34
VT 16
First Half Total = 55

2nd Half

Kansas 37
VT 18
Second Half Total= 55

Grand Total of Only Band Shots = 110

One Hundred and Ten people. 110?!?!?! One hundred and ten specific shots devoted to each team’s individual bands. Not the mascots, the players, the announcers or coaches…..the bands. Every single positive yardage play by the offense they went to a shot. Every single great defensive play the went to the shot. Every single…..end of the quarter they went to, um nothing???

What is she doing? I have no idea, but you had shots like that for about 50% of your entire broadcast. I think this quote from Fox Sports Head David Hill back in 2006 (Via reader Will) might have something to do with all of this……

Fox Sports head David Hill, at a meeting Monday with Fox affiliates, said Fox won’t try “to reinvent the wheel” when it inherits each BCS game except the Rose Bowl, which will remain on ABC. Then he brought out the UNLV band to play what will be Fox’s college football theme music and announced, “I love the bands.”

Yeah you do. Yeah you f’ing do David. More on the announcing team and other nonsense tomorrow.

Fox pegs Thom Brennaman as BCS voice (USA Today)

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