I know I’ve posed this question in the past, but why would a National Network to trot out teams of announcers and hosts that haven’t really covered College Football all year long? Seems to be a really bad idea, and if the first set of games on FOX are any indication……it’s a terrible idea.

Yesterday started with Pat Summerall and Brian Baldinger on the call of the Cotton Bowl. Baldinger has obviously been on NFL coverage all season long, so he’d presumably have no time to take in any College Football. Summerall has only cracked the starting lineup for NFL coverage a few times this year and seems so out of touch that I don’t think it would matter if he called games all year or not.

Joe Sports Fan cataloged their telecast yesterday and it was riddled with rule mix ups, mispronunciation of names, and just down right nonsense. My personal favorite quote being Summerall’s, “Casey Dick will have some wild hog for me.” (That needs to be added to the Post Season Pammies)

The Sugar Bowl on the other hand featured two individuals that at least worked some College Football games over the span of the season, but didn’t fair much better. Don’t get me wrong, I think Charles Davis is possibly the most improved analyst in the calendar year, but just working a Studio Show doesn’t prepare you for a live game. Thom Brennaman worked enough Big Ten contests over the year to qualify him, but the play-by-play man seemed uninterested and almost combative towards his analyst and officials at times during the game. Obviously some of his ire probably came from the game being a blowout, but you still have to be professional throughout a contest.

Add to these pair of teams……games that don’t end until 1am and a Pregame/Halftime Show which consists of a cheesy Sports Talk Show Host, an NFL Studio Analyst and Fran Tarkenton (umm why?), and you have a recipe for an awful telecast. Hopefully Matt Vasgersian, Pat Haden and Terry Donahue can give us a little more, but with FOX having the rights to the BCS games until 2010 it looks like we’re going to be stuck with this same level of unpreparedness.

Summdinger goes to the Cotton Bowl (Joe Sports Fan)