Just a quick update to the “exposing” post earlier today in which Fox accidentally aired Visanthe Shiancoe’s nether region. The network has issues an apology and here is their statement via the Star Tribune….

Shiancoe was inadvertently shown naked on television while a FOX camera crew taped owner Zygi Wilf’s presentation of the game ball to coach Brad Childress’ 19-year-old son Andrew, who is joining the Marine Corps on Monday.

Shiancoe was standing behind and to the side of Wilf with a towel partly covering his body. But not completely.

“It obviously was an oversight on our part and we apologize,” said FOX Sports vice president of Communications Dan Bell.

Well that was short wasn’t it? I guess you don’t really have to draw out a lengthy apology when it comes to on-air nekkidness though.

FOX apologizes for showing unclothed Viking (Star Tribune)

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