Floyd Mayweather decided to take time out of his busy WWE schedule to lay into HBO’s coverage of him over the weekend. The recently retired fighter had some choice words for the cable channel’s analysts and more specifically Jim Lampley….

Mayweather criticized the network’s announcers for a bias against black fighters, and for not treating their own indiscretions as seriously as those committed by people they cover, during an exclusive interview with The Press.

“Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant, Emanuel Steward, they’re always talking about the negative things in my life,” Mayweather said. “But I’ve seen Jim Lampley in the same strip club as me before. They always want to talk about me going to strip clubs, but they don’t want to talk about that.

Mayweather, the Grand Rapids native who returned home this weekend to host a holiday carnival and entertainment festival, was convicted on four counts of misdemeanor assault, and pleaded no contest to another, earlier in his career.

“He caught a court case himself, too. But when they catch a case, all they do is take them off the air a couple weeks, then it’s over.”

Lampley is currently on probation for violating a restraining order leveed on him by his former girlfriend and according to Mayweather, routinely brings up his outside the ring issues. It’s always a tough spot for announcers who have had trouble with the law themselves to speak on the subject and in most cases they should probably just leave that talk to the analysts.

Mayweather rips HBO announcers for racial bias (M Live)