So I actually decided to not watch the “event” live so I wouldn’t post any rash opinions on the subject. I actually tried watching the whole thing at midnight and take it all in as an unbiased person, and here’s what I came up with…..

1. Blogs are evil and not journalistic.
2. Sports Radio is also evil, but somehow accepted (but they still hate blogs somehow)
3. Players feel like they can’t live their lives (understandably so, but stop acting like fucking idiots)
4. Mainstream media is scared shitless (a given).
5. People don’t like curses in written word.

Other than all of those things listed……we’re dealing with a complete disconnect. I’m sure Robert Costas was trying to have a beautiful discourse across the entirety of the program, but certain individuals made that not possible. I’m not going to go all out and bash Buzz Bissinger (I’m sure there will be enough of that in the days to come), but I will ask just one question…..Has there been a time in History when people were so confused about a topic at hand and moreso clueless about an emerging medium? Oh that’s right…..Copernicus.

Look I’m not comparing Sports Blogging to discovering that the world wasn’t actually flat, but the short-sightedness is close. Everything else is really irrelevant if you ask me. Bissinger reads Deadspin for one day and questions his 40 years writing because Big Daddy Drew wrote the word “cunt” (I’m paraphrasing here) in an article? I think even MSMers can realize that’s garbage. How fucking clueless are you? The best piece of writing I’ve read in the past 10 years was Big Daddy Drew’s post at Deadspin on the love of Sports. When he wrote this closing, I almost lost my shit….

Do either of those exceedingly skilled men give off the impression that they give a shit what they look like when they’re doing what they’re doing? Nope. Otis is singing the way songs should be sung. Gustavo is conducting the way orchestras should be conducted. The way love should be made. The way sports should be played. And the way life should be lived. They have the ability. But, more importantly, they’re INTO IT. I have to live like this more often.

Look, I connect with people in two ways. 1) 80s topics and current pop culture…….2) Sports. That guy right there gets me and that is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. That’s a guy I would buy a drink at the bar, let him shit on my favorite teams, get hammered together, want to fight him, buy him a shot, and then hug him on the way out. I don’t tell a man like that he’s wrong…..I listen intently to a guy like that because I rarely hear shit like that during the wall-to-wall scream fest that is Sports these days (somehow these things are possible with Drew because I’ve done it…… even with beer!).

I won’t for the life of me understand why the most fan driven industry in the World needs to be only tackled by those with Journalism degrees, but I can say aloud fuck you to those who believe that way. You want my stats? Here they are…..

Name: Brian Steven Powell
Occupation: Blogger and Fan
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 215 (unfortunately)
College: James Madison (I actually fucking graduated like every other Sports Blogger)
Degree: Graduate in Sports Management with a minor in Business
Graduated In: 7 Years (not unfortunately)
Fan of (unabashedly): The Orioles, The Wizards, The Redskins, Terps Basketball, Michigan Football
Journalism Achievements: 0
Readers and Commenters: A fuck ton
Credibility: I’m a goddamn fan that deserves answers NOW and someone who believes half of what he hears and none of what he reads. I breathe Sports. I know more about the backup catcher of the Blue Jays (Greg Zaun) than I should ever know and I could tell you (he’s 37 and makes over $7 million a year) that his backup Rod Barajas (while in a bit of a hitting slump has a better arm) , should be starting……at the drop of a hat. And that’s Baseball….fucking try me in Football.

It wasn’t about a month ago that I thought I had to prove myself and “make myself seem credible”, but it was tonight that I finally felt justified. I don’t make up rumors, post fallacies, or not give people the chance to redeem themselves. On top of that…..I should not be credible in the journalistic world (I haven’t earned it), be quoted as gospel, and have a ton of readers who love me “in the business”. I’m just an option.

I’m not saying that people in the media should be nixed or completely ignored, but I’m just trying to lead you towards the most trusted and credible ones. I’m the writer, editor, and grand poobah of one of the most popular and honest Sports Blogs in just two short years. I could brag and/or parade out the list of media friends, but they’re not who I care about (sorry guys but it’s true….I still love you and I’m glad you “get” the site). I care about you the reader, and those who care about honest and intelligent Sports discourse (many of whom include those previously spoken of media members).

This is a full time job for me, and I make a living off of it. I work at this job for upwards of 16 hours a day (name me the last MSMer who stayed up until 2am last night watching the Lakers and Nugs), and while I feel that the previous discussion was necessary at a time like this, I wanted to say one important thing……

I’m a Sports Blogger. I break stories on a weekly basis, I let commenters (including members of the media) refute or agree with my points of view, I provide a place where people can call bullshit on the media……..and finally (and most importantly)……

I’m fine with that, and I’m pretty sure Will is too.

(Videos and more to come tomorrow.)

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