I’m really enjoying the mainstream media pieces about how the can’t stand the Frank TV spots on TBS during the Playoffs this year. It’s almost like they didn’t watch last season, or got the press release that said they were going to be doing the same thing again this October. I’ve personally learned to change the channel (surprising I know), but if you’ve tried to endure, just know that Frank Caliendo feels your pain. From the Boston Herald via TSB….

“I say to those people, ‘I’m sorry, but watch the show and maybe TBS wouldn’t have to promote it as much,’ ” said the impressionist, whose sketch-comedy show’s second season – with an expanded cast – premieres Oct. 21.

“I think I’m on TBS as much as ‘Law & Order’ is on TNT,” Caliendo told the Track yesterday morning as he chowed on scrambled eggs, bacon, wheat and white toast and Diet Coke at a Back Bay hotel.

And, baseball fans, all the Frank fun continues during the World Series on FOX, when he joins five other celebs – along with the animated Stewie from “Family Guy” – as part of the MLB’s “There’s Only One October” campaign.

Where have you gone, Dane Cook? “I think I have to go into hiding soon,” laughed Caliendo, who appears on the TV spots as a blogging President Bush and NFL loud mouth John Madden.

At this point, their marketing strategy just has to make you laugh. If Caliendo is admitting that no one is watching, doesn’t that tell them that they are just annoying the crap out of people? Guess not. I have nothing against Caliendo personally, but his fifteen minutes are up. Hopefully TBS realizes that soon so we don’t have to be berated with Jim Rome impressions for another Baseball season.

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