I’ve known certain athletes that have had issue with Skip Bayless before (Troy Aikman), but you rarely here about active athletes taking issue with the guy. Well that’s not the case anymore as Billy Wagner ripped the Skipper on the Michael Kay Show yesterday. Via The Sports Point….

“Everybody wanted to make this out to be so much more than it was. And it really got carried away. I mean it carried into being called a racist and being traded and fined and somebody naming Delgado. I mean that to me is just irresponsible journalism and if you can’t, if you can’t do your job with fact than why the hell are you doing it.”

When asked specifically who he was referring to and who brought racism into the equation, Wagner responded, “SKIP BAYLESS”.

Wagner continued, “When things like that get thrown out there, that doesn’t hurt Billy Wagner, that hurts Billy Wagner and his four kids and his wife and his foundation and his charities he does and the people around him, and to me that almost gives me the right to say, ‘You know what, I don’t have to talk to the media anymore if you’re going to mistreat me when I’m there every day.’ I don’t have to be there every day.”

Wagner was referring to the following clip in which Skip alleged him to be racist somehow, and hopefully I’ll have the audio soon. I really can’t believe this doesn’t happen with Skipper more often, but I can’t seem to find where he calls him a racist.

Billy Wagner Rips Skip Bayless (The Sports Point)

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