I know this seems like a filler post (and it us), but I figured I’d give ESPN a spot here on a slow news day. Here are your ESPY Award finalists for 2008 and there are certainly some interesting categories and nominees to talk about. Most notably and almost sacreligious is the fact that ESPN has nominated Barry Bonds for Best Recording Breaking Performance. I don’t know if they have something worked out ahead of time but after the way ESPN covered him the past year I don’t know if he’s showing up.

Oh and the simple fact that “The Game Plan” is nominated for Best Sports Movie makes me want to throwup. To the categories!

Best Male Athlete:
Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez

Best Female Athlete:
Lorena Ochoa, Candace Parker, Danica Patrick, Lindsey Vonn (skiing)

Best Moment:
H.S. Softball Sportsmanship, Lester’s No-Hitter, Danica Patrick’s first win

Best Team:
Red Sox, NY Giants, Celtics, Kansas Jayhawks, Tennessee Vols Women’s BBall, Red Wings

Best Play:
Trinity Laterals, Manning to Tyree, Minnesota’s Buzzer Beater (Hoffarber), Rick Nash Goal

Best Upset:
Appalachian State over UM, Da’Tara, NY Giants, Fresno State (CWS)

Best Breakthrough Athlete:
Adrian Peterson, Stephen Curry, Kyle Busch, Ana Ivanovic

Best Record Breaking Performance:
Barry Bonds, Tom Brady and Randy Moss, Brett Favre, Usain Bolt (Track and Field)

Best Male College Athlete:
Tim Tebow, Tyler Hansbrough, Michael Beasley

Best Female College Athlete:
Candace Parker, Angela Tincher (Softball), Rachel Dawson (Field Hockey)

Best Sports Movie:
Resurrecting the Champ, The Game Plan, Semi-Pro, Leatherheads

The Hummer “Like Nothing Else” Award:
Manny Ramirez, Sidney Crosby, Ashley Force, George Martin

I really wish I was making those last two categories and nominees up, but alas I’m not. There are also the annual awards for Best Player in each Sport, but you can guess who all those involved are with the one exception of Bob Sanders for Best NFL Player.

ESPY Nominees (ESPYs.TV)

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