Okay, first let me first say that I normally really like NFL Live. It is one of the last shows that didn’t rely on ESPN’s tactic of getting a handful of people yelling at each other over nothing. Make that was.

It starts out as a normal debate between Kiper and Hoge and then it just falls apart. Please try to understand one word that these jokers are trying to say throughout these two and a half minutes….


I love how Trey Wingo says he’s asking the question with “trepidation”. Riiiight. Whether it was or wasn’t, the whole thing came across planned which is a running theme for ESPN these days. It’s a shame when every program, but one on a network has turned into a “Made For Bayless Segment.”

I’m sorry but this is not good TV, and I don’t think there are many out there who think that it is.

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